When Mother Nature causes destruction, an Orlando Roofer from Roof Top Services of Central Florida, Inc. can utilize an emergency tarp over service to protect your roof. In times of harsh weather conditions often debris can become weapons for destruction, causing broken skylights or holes in roofs.

The tarp over service is ideal in situations where the roof must be covered quickly in order to prevent further damage and protect the interior of the structure.

Tarp Overs often grant up to 90 days of protection which is necessary when money is not readily available from the outset and one must protect a building from rain and other weather conditions. Furthermore, those 90 days can also be spent repairing the roof while maintaining the inside in perfect condition.

There are several steps that experienced roofers will follow to place a tarp over a roof:

1. First the situation is assessed. The interior is checked for leaks and the exterior is examined for broken tiles and material

2. A piece of tarp is cut that fits the dimensions of the damaged area

3. The tarp is then placed near the eaves and stapled to one of the boards to secure it. Then another board is placed on top of the first board

4. The other side of the tarp is then secured as well

5. All the edges of the trap are then secured

As one can see, the process of a tarp over involves a hefty amount of securing and labor and should not be attempted by an inexperienced person. Placing a tarp over one’s roof after a devastating storm or other natural occurrence is essential to prevent further damage from happening to a roof.

If you have recently experienced roof damage and are in need of emergency repair, please contact out well trained staff at Roof Top Services of Central Florida to provide you with the best Orlando Roofer for the job.