A Brief Overview of Sheet Metal

express-quoteSheet metal is widely used in many industrial products, including in building homes and roofs. One of the many reasons why sheet metal is great is because of its versatility. It can be made from a varying metals ranging from aluminum to titanium. It is durable and comes in a variety of sizes and styles.

Sheet metal is used in the bodies of cars, the wings of airplanes, architecture, and even medical equipment such as procedure tables. This material is found nearly everywhere because it is practical as well as decorative.

Sheet Metal Roofing

Of all roofing materials, sheet metal has been gaining the most popularity in recent years. Especially in Florida where we experience all types of severe weather, sheet metal roofing is a great choice because it wears well in extreme weather like tropical storms and Hurricanes.

The two most popular metals used in roofing are aluminum and steel, though other metals can also be used. Aluminum is popular because it is a softer metal and resists erosion very well, whereas steel is used more frequently because it is a less expensive metal and withstands impact without denting a bit better than aluminum does.

Roofing made with sheet metal is known for because of its ability to withstand snow, high wind speed, hail, and rain effectively. It weathers impact and wear and tear very well, making it a top choice for many despite the slightly higher price tag.


Worker installs bearing laths on the truss system

Sheet metal roofing can look like actual sheets of metal or can be crafted to look like shingles. Because of the option of different variety of styles, sheet metal can be made to look like typical roofs.

As previously mentioned, metal roofing has the benefits of being able to sustain harsh weather and resist erosion over time. It is lightweight, fire resistant, and resists leaks and rotting. Sheet metal also has the added benefit of energy reduction because metal reflects the sun rather than absorbing the heat. It is good to keep in mind that f sheet metal roofing can be installed faster than any other roofing material.

Sheet metal roofing is so durable and long-lasting that a roof made of metal has the potential to last somewhere between twenty and fifty years. It often lasts as long as the house itself does. Even though sheet metal roofing in more expensive than normal shingles, it is a better deal in the long run because it lasts for so long. The benefits are especially worthwhile if a homeowner intends on living in the same home for a length of time.

Metal Roof Products

Workers on a roof with electric drill installing red metal tile on wooden house

Metal roofing incorporates several different roofing components. Some of the metal products used in sheet metal roofing include roof drainage systems or gutters, roof edging, caps and covers, ventilation systems, wall parts, and the roofing itself. A more detailed explanation on some of the metal roofing components can be found on our “roofing terms” page.