The city of Winter Park is a wonderful small city within greater Orlando.  Downtown Winter Park is known for its charming cafes and small boutiques.  Old houses with many traditional roof features adorn the city streets.  As Winter Park is located in both Orange County and Seminole County you will want to figure out from which municipality you may be needing a permit from.  It will most likely be from unincorporated Orange County or Unincorporated Seminole County.  Either of these municipalities are relatively easy to work with though.


Obtaining a permit from the City of Winter Park Building Department can sometimes be a little cumbersome.  Often permit applications will need to be dropped off for planning review at the building department.  This process can take several days, sometimes weeks.  If you have a HOA, the city will also want a copy of your HOA approval.  A notice of commencement will need to be placed on your property in Winter Park.  Our team at Roof Top Services will handle all of this for you.

For further information, feel free to contact the Winter Park Building Department at 407-599-3237.  

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