Orlando is undoubtedly famous for the top theme parks that call this city home, but in reality, the city is much bigger and has more to offer visitors and residents. There is downtown, where the Orange County government has its offices and the residential part that features old oak trees and beautiful bungalows.

These three aspects of this wonderful city come together to make it the premier spot for quality living, business, and recreation. In fact, because of the many theme parks in the area, many residents are able to have great employment opportunities, as well as special entrance fees for locals.

Life in Orlando

The cost of living in Orlando, FL is not that much different from other cities of the same size, though housing is cheaper. What is special is that the state of Florida has no state income tax, thanks to the taxes paid by tourists.

Because of this, and the wonderful sunny weather, it is a very attractive place for people to live. Although you would think that summers might be too warm, it actually only ranges between low 70s to low 90s. These warmer days are then perfect to spend with family and friends in one of the many lakes around the city. The downside is the rainy weather that is common during summer.

While there are many beautiful places to walk, including around the lakes and in the woods, the city is, in general, too large to be explored by foot. Biking is also not an option unless you plan to just go around downtown. Thankfully, the public transport system is ready to bring you across the different parts of the city.

Residents of Orlando

This big city is home to more than 2 million people living in the whole Orlando metro area, including the communities of Kissimmee and Sanford. While Florida is known to be a spot for retirees, around 60% of the residents of Orlando, FL are within the working age. As expected, the population tends to go higher during wintertime, as people try to escape the snow and cold by retreating to their seasonal residences in the state.

Places to See

Many visitors of Orlando, FL are drawn to the city due to the very popular theme parks. However, it is very important that when you do visit this city, you also allocate some time to explore the other attractions.

Depending on what your interests are, you can easily find something for you in Orlando. Theater lovers and art aficionados can check out the Dr. Philips Performing Arts Center and the Orlando Museum of Art. There are also interesting and historic golf courses for those who want to tee off.

Because it is such a touristic place, you can expect nothing but the most hospitable hotels and other spots that will ensure that you have the time of your life.

If you are simply looking for some time away from the urban scene, you can easily head to the many public parks and lakes that are within reach. You can also go for a lot of sports or outdoor activities like boating, waterskiing, and even parasailing.

Whether you are considering moving or visiting Orlando, you will be sure to find something to love in this city. The year-long sunshine and the many attractions will surely make it tough for you to say goodbye.

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