Staying on Top of Commercial Roof Installation

An often overlooked element of any commercial business structure is surprisingly the commercial roof. This part is often seen but not noticed, which means that many of its underlying issues can fly under — or should we say over — the radar. The consequences of failing to have a commercial roof routinely inspected can be disastrous over time, but so can a poor installation job in the first place.

At Roof Top Services, we offer plenty of roof installation options to businesses in central Florida no matter what the situation calls for. Our trusted team of licensed, bonded and insured roofers are equipped to install and replace a wide spectrum of roofing styles with nearly any material type. The roofs we can provide include:

• Asphalt, fiberglass, slate, wood and solar shingles
• Synthetic, clay and concrete tiles
• Low slope or flat commercial roof designs

Our philosophy is this: The roof that requires the least maintenance and will hold out against in any season is the one that’s built right the first time through. This means that our certified roofing technicians will know the ins and outs of every material type and how to put it together in a way that best suits the budget, business and demographic of our clients.

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Why It Matters

A properly assembled roof that’s made from the right materials will benefit a commercial environment in a number of practical ways. Here, we’d like to discuss why our commercial roof installation services are essential for those who are starting up a new establishment or are looking for a total replacement to the roof they currently have. Consider the following:

1. Efficiency

A roof that’s in good condition will prevent unfavorable changes to the indoor climate, keeping utility costs at bay. It also cuts down on possible damages to the roof and other parts of the structure, including assets inside the building itself.

2. Consistency

A roof that’s installed correctly will ensure fewer weather- and pest-related problems in the future for business-owners and their clients. This will help maintain positive business relations with clients in the long run.

3. Safety

Occupants and clients of the workplace will be protected from fungus- and pest-related infestation resulting from a compromised roof. Settling water can result in mildew and mold, which can produce toxic spores that adversely affect occupants. This can be avoided with a properly constructed and reinforced roof.

4. Insurance

Insurance companies will reduce premiums for a commercial environment that’s serviced by a reputable name in the roofing business. In some cases, the condition of the roof can actually void any deal with the insurance agency up-front or later down the road.

5. Legality

A robust roofing assembly will prevent future complications that can present an issue of legality due to safety concerns. Clients who are injured by slipping on water, inhaling mold spores or being exposed to pests (such as mice) can raise trouble for management if the causes of these problems involve a faulty roof.

When to Call

While we do offer repair and maintenance services, we’re also able to inspect a commercial roof to determine if it needs a brand new installation. Telltale complications include weaknesses in the roof, signs of leaking or water settling, light coming through the roof, and any cracks or holes that may be present. These situations can sometimes be salvaged with a little repair. This is why it’s important to call us and schedule an inspection.