The housing market is going up and down more frequently now than ever. You are seeing more lower priced, foreclosed homes tempting you for purchase. If you have ever had work on your roof done, you know that it can get to be expensive. When looking for a new home to purchase its most likely a good idea to choose one that has a quality roof already put into place. Unless, of course, you can get the price of the house to drop more than it would cost to repair the roof. If this is the case, jump on that house, buy your new roof, and live it up!

The cost of a new roof depends so heavily on the square footage of the roof, and materials used that it’s nearly impossible to give a general estimate on the cost for a roofing project that applies to ‘most’ homes. There are many scenarios where the seller is responsible for the repairs to the roof if it’s not drawn out up front that the roof will be needing repairs or replacement. This, among many other things are important to consider when thinking about purchasing a home that needs roof work.

If allowable, it’s a smart idea to get a quote on the roof work that will need to be done before committing to a price with the seller. Contact them and ask if it is okay for your local Orlando roofer to come out and do a roof inspection before you decide to purchase the house. Sometimes a roof may look worse than it really is, and may just need a good cleaning or shingle replacement. On the other hand though, I have seen jobs that look very simple but end up turning into a long, expensive roofing endeavor. This being said, the deciding factor as to whether you should purchase a home with a less than perfect roof is the opinion of your local roofer. They will know better than you, and will often work with you to get the job.