Dubbed as the “Theme Park Capital of the World”, Orlando, FL is home to the finest and most spectacular amusement parks in the world. It is the USA’s go-to place when it comes to theme park hopping and sightseeing. And why not? It has Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom Park, and many more. But before you get yourself immersed in all these amazing theme parks, it would also be interesting to know a bit of Orlando’s colorful background.

Orlando was initially named as Jernigan due to first settlers in the region. Aaron and Isaac Jernigan were cattlers who purchased land in the Fort Gatlin area. The city evolved during his reign as state representative until it was turned into a county. The city is now called Orlando because according to some accounts, a soldier named Orlando Reeves was killed in the said city.

In the year 1920, Orlando, FL became a popular tourist destination for vacationers. Land prices were increasing as more and more houses were being constructed. Not until 1965 did Orlando become an actual tourist destination. In the same year, Walt Disney announced the birth of its theme park, Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World is already a must-see in itself. Spanning 27.2 thousand acres of land, you get to enjoy four theme parks, three water parks, more than 20 themed hotels, a few non-Disney hotels, and several golf courses. It’s not only a place for children but for adults as well. In this Walt Disney complex, you can explore the wonderful Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and MGM Studios. With such a gigantic land area, touring the place for just one day will not be enough. Thus, booking several days in any of their hotels would make a complete experience.

Harry Potter fans will surely be delighted with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter right inside the Universal Orlando Resort. From picking wands to butterbeer drinking, every experience will take you back in time, like those seen in books and movies.

But if you are the more adventurous type, thrill yourself and turn your world upside down with those breath-taking rides at the Universal Orlando Resort. Although extreme and sort of dangerous, riders are assured of safety as all these have passed extensive tests and safety standards for as long as you are of good health and the right age.

Almost everything in Orlando, FL is pleasant and this is why the city is also called “The City Beautiful”. It is worth knowing though, that part of the city’s history is the partition of different counties falling under Orlando and Coral Gables. Thus, the same motto applies to Coral Gables as well.

To cap off your visit to Orlando, there are many hotels and spas that will allow you to relax in this beautiful city. The many themed hotels around the area offer luxurious spas and relaxing treatments. There are also lakes that you can visit that would give you the peace and quiet you’re looking for in this fun-filled and exciting city.

Should you plan a vacation in Orlando, between March and May is the best time. It is during these months when you get to enjoy the most pleasant weather and agreeable prices on lodging and airfares. Likewise, comfortable temperature can be experienced from September to mid-November where fares and hotel prices are low. Try to avoid the summer season due to the unbearable heat and humidity. The same is true in autumn when hurricanes are expected.

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