When it comes to selecting a roofer, there are certain things you need to pay attention to in order to ensure that you are not only dealing with a professional; but that you are also dealing with someone who is very experienced. Here are some tips to help you select a good roofer:

• Check with the roofer’s suppliers, vendors, and previous customers to get an idea of how they do business. This will give you an idea of the type of service to expect.
• Find out what the local bylaws and homeowner association rules are for roof work. If the roofer knows that, for example, a permit is required; then this means that the roofer is knowledgeable.
• If the roofer or employees are unprofessional in the way they speak on the telephone; this is an indication of the same lack of professionalism you can expect should you hire them.
• If the company shows an interest in only big roofing projects, then this indicates that money and not customer service and satisfaction is their primary focus.
• An experienced roofer will expose the roof down to the wood to give you a more accurate estimate of costs.
• A good roofer will hand nail the shingles so that care is taken to ensure that each shingle is properly secured.
• A good roofer will have worker’s compensation and general liability insurance.
• A good roofer is properly equipped with safety gear, roofing jacks, roofing magnets, and containers to remove wastes.