The holidays are here and the atmosphere is ripe with the mood for celebrations. Indeed, the Christmas season is a time when family members and friends get to meet after many months apart. In line with the spirit of the occasion, you may have the need to repair your roof. Your children and friends may be coming over to spend the holidays with you and it is important to have the house in perfect shape for them.

An important aspect of decorating your house is hanging Christmas lights. You may need to climb up to significant heights to achieve this. However, your safety ought to be paramount and some tips to keep yourself safe are outlined below:

• Ensure that the ladder you are using is strong enough to handle your weight. If it has not been used for a long time and is wooden, check it out as it may leave you nursing a few broken ribs instead of dancing to some carols. At the same time, do not get onto a ladder whose footing is not sturdy.
• If you have to work while on the roof, go for shoes which give you the right traction. Ensure the shingles you step on are secure as well. This will prevent you from slipping and injuring your body. In this regard, it is wise to choose rubber soled shoes. Clearly, slippers are not the best footwear for this task.
• Use additional safety measures. It is better to look ridiculous and safe up there but leave the roof unharmed than it is to seem normal while working and then leave with a bloody nose. Use safety ropes if you have them as they can save you a great deal of pain.
• Have all your tools at the ready and in place where you can easily reach for them. Needless to say, the more you climb up and down looking for tools to use, the higher your chances of getting injured.
• Have a buddy or family member nearby to help you hang the lights. He will hand you the tools so that you do not have to strain looking for them. At the same time, he may be able to foresee any danger with the ladder or anything else and alert you in due time. Nobody wishes to slip from the height of hanging Christmas lights. However, if you are unlucky to meet such an accident, the buddy or brother will look for immediate help.
• Be in good health before embarking on this job. Nausea can make you topple down and have bad injuries. If you are using drugs that make you dizzy, note that Christmas can still be enjoyable even without lights.
• If the lights need extension cords outside, ensure that the ones you have are safe for such use.

Indeed, you need to ensure that you are very safe before you proceed to decorate your home with Christmas lights. This does not necessarily imply that making such hangings ought to be a scary ordeal. You simply need to be safe for you to enjoy the season without accidents that could have been avoided.