There are different types of roof shingles used by an Orlando Roofer such as Roof Top Services of Central Florida, Inc. that are available today. This type of covering for one’s gable is overlapped tiles which are laid from the bottom edge. At the top of the slope, the slats are covered with a ridge which was traditionally made from lead or copper.

Today, the tiles that are applied in this method are under-laid with plastic which is a better way of protecting the inside of the house and the rooftop. The tiles that are employed can be made from different materials. There are also several layers of materials that are laid under the tiles of the rooftop such as fiberglass sheeting.

Asphalt tiles are conventional and low cost and come in various colors. The warranty length should be taken into account and can vary between 20 and 40 years. It can also be weighted according to fire resistance, therefore, one should understand that this material could be a fire hazard, but that is less likely because of the treatments that are applied.

Architectural tiles are similar to Asphalt, but thicker and substantial. They can be made to resemble other materials such as slate or wood shakes which are quite attractive. These are a little more expensive and one should inquire about the laminate that is part of the package.

Wood tiles are carved from either yellow pine that has been pressure treated or cedar. These tiles are naturally resistant to weather. This choice is a very expensive choice because of its premium quality and installation costs. However, when selecting this option, one is guaranteed of a longer lasting result.

The concrete tile is a cheaper and lighter weight option but offers the same kind of benefits that the clay tile offers. Both of these materials can take extreme heat and cold, hail, high winds and fire and they can last for 100 years or more. Slate tiles are the most expensive option that one can get.

Slate is a natural product and comes in a wide variety of shades and colors. If the slate is properly installed and maintained regularly, it can last indefinitely. The disadvantage of using slate is that it is extremely heavy. The house and the foundations need to be structurally sound enough to bear the weight of the tiles, so it’s essential to ensure this before purchasing.

A more stylish type of tile that can be chosen would be a slate tile, which is of the best quality and provides excellent protection. It does make a heavy load so the house needs to be able to withstand the weight. Slate naturally comes in various colors. It is the most expensive option because it is complicated to install and high cost. In the state of Florida, one would be wise to install the best types of roof shingles used by an Orlando Roofer such as Roof Top Services of Central Florida, Inc.