Orlando, FL is a city in central Florida that has earned worldwide acclaim for its theme parks, earning it the moniker as “The Theme Park Capital of the World.”  Indeed, this city deserves the title as it is home to more than a dozen theme parks, water parks, and nature parks. These attractions have made the city a major tourist hub in Florida, USA. True to its name, here are the leading tourist destinations which are a must-see when you visit this beautiful city.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Avid readers of the Harry Potter book series consider the Wizarding World of Harry Potter the most amazing place to visit inOrlando, FL. Adults, teenagers, and children flock to this place to see and experience the world of Harry Potter. You will enter Hogwarts, Harry Potter’s magical school and get transported to the Forbidden Forest and the Quiddich Pitch via a 3-D RoboCoaster simulator. You will see Gringott’s, the bank where wizards and witches keep their money in gold coins and gold bars.  All visitors come out reeling with the beauty and wonder that only this magical world can provide.

Jurassic Park River Adventure

In this river adventure, the raft the visitors are riding is bumped off course. Then they are led to the restricted area of Jurassic Park, just like the movie. T. Rex awaits his next meal and to escape from this gigantic dinosaur, boat passengers have to plunge into 85 feet below. Visitors emerge scared, thrilled, and satisfied from this adventure. The dinosaurs look so real and alive while the rides are just as amazing.

Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove offers unique encounters with animals such as dolphins, otters, and even tropical birds.  The landscaped surroundings resemble a paradise where families can play and frolic in beaches with white sand.  Food and drinks can be bought in the cove, allowing passengers to spend the whole day and enjoy all the wonderful things in store for them.

SeaWorld Orlando

Explore the undersea world and meet aquatic animals aboard the famous floorless coaster. Watch killer whales in their natural habitat, penguins at the Antarctica Empire of Penguins and dolphins at the Dolphin Cove.  The sight of mother dolphins and their calves reminds onlookers of loving mothers tending their children.

Magic Kingdom Park

Experience a face-to-face encounter with your favorite cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, The Caribbean Pirates, Peter Pan and many more. There are rides that you will never find in other places. You can also watch parades and live shows to keep you entertained. Magic Kingdom Park has lots of magical events and moments that will never be forgotten.

Universal Studios Florida

Tourists visiting Orlando consider Universal Studios Florida a destination not to miss. One attraction that delights guests is the Disaster, a movie studio theme park. There is a thrilling ride that ends with visitors invited to become extras in a movie to be filmed. Everything seems so real that it is easy to presume that indeed, you have played the role of a movie star.

A visit to Orlando, FL will never be complete without going to these wonderful tourist attractions that cannot be found in other parts of the world.

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