There are a few major things you want to look out for when signing a contract with a Roofer in Orlando, Florida.

The top things to look for on a roofing contract are:

Contractor’s name
Contractor’s phone number
Contractor’s address
License number
Always make sure there is a detailed description of what exactly they will be doing. Also make sure that you agree to the work they claim they will be conducting. It is your property, after all.

Check the warrany information. Make sure that they are not just listing the warrantee from the manufacturer of the goods they are using on your roof. There should be a warrantee on the labor they are providing as well. Some manufacturers will not honor their warrantee if the product was not installed properly.

Check the warranty length and the additional terms of the warranty.

There should also be a draw schedule on the contract. All of your payments should be on a schedule according to the inspections that will be done.

Make sure all blanks are filled in.

All materials being used should be listed.

Notice of Consumers’ rights under the Florida Homeowners’ Construction Recovery Fund.

Check references, insurance coverage and their standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Who will be responsible for any damages.

Don’t just skim through a roofing contract. Read the whole thing and don’t be afraid to ask questions!