The bulk of your energy consumption costs are due to heating and AC usage. A roof specially designed to combat the Florida summer heat waves can go a long way in saving you boatloads on money during the hotter months. A standard roof can reach temperatures in excess of 180 degrees! These high temperatures will most definitely lead to rising indoor temperatures, either causing discomfort or an abnormally large electric bill.

The way these special roofs work is by taking the sun rays and reflecting them back into the atmosphere, rather than absorbing them into the material like a standard roof does. This causes the temperature of the outside of the roof to drop anywhere from50-80 degrees! This is such a significant difference it will most definitely cut your energy costs, and at the same time costing not much more than a standard roof. An energy efficient roof will cost somewhere in the area of 15-25 percent more than a standard roof, but with the money saved on energy, within a short time that cost will be evened out. The average time that this roof takes to pay for itself is about 5 years give or take.

Florida gets pretty cold during the winter months as well. A “cool” roof acts not only as a heat reflector during the summer months, but as an insulator in the winter. Most Floridians know that the temperatures can reach below freezing just as suddenly as they can rise above 100 degrees. It’s on days and nights like this that it’s just as beneficial having a roof that will insulate, as it is having a roof that reflects heat when it’s warm. This, like in the summer months, will lead to a lower energy bill during winter months as well, as you won’t have to run the heater nearly as much if less heat escapes through your roof.

Our specialists are available to answer any questions that you may have on installing one of these more energy efficient roofs on your home. We are here to give you more in depth explanations and knowledge about all of our products and talk pricing with you during a free consultation. A cooler roof can have a huge impact on your comfort level in both the summer and winter months, not to mention on your energy bill. Do your research and see if this is the roof for you, and don’t forget to contact us Rooftop Services for all your installation and roof repair needs.