A roof is a very important part of a house but oftentimes it is the most neglected. Sometimes the only time a roof is paid any attention is when something goes wrong. However, just like a car, hardwood floors, or just about any possession of value; a roof requires preventative maintenance in order for it to last and protect you for a long time.

All roofs come with a guarantee from the roofing materials’ manufacturer and even the installer. Therefore, it is always necessary to pay close attention to their guidelines for things such as how often a roof inspection should be done, et cetera.

Sometimes roof repairs are necessary due to weather extremes or other circumstances. However, an Orlando roof repair will more than likely cost less if the roof was being well taken care of over the years. Although an Orlando roofer can be consulted for roof preventative maintenance tips; the following are a few tips that will help to extend the life of your roof:

• Perform a roof inspection before and after a severe weather event or any event that could compromise the optimal functioning of the roof
• Keep the roof clean by removing algae, lichens, moss, et cetera
• Repair damaged or worn roofing materials and flashing
• Never use a high pressure wash when cleaning the roof
• Always use and consult with a qualified Orlando roofer
• Keep the roof and gutters free of debris at all times
• Remove overhanging tree limbs.