A clean roof is not only esthetically pleasing but it could put money in your pocket as well. Money can be saved from the cost of replacing or repairing the roof. Another money saving means is the reduced electricity bills due to a better functioning/more efficient roof. Many people might not realize it but keeping the roof clean extends its life. Firstly, a clean roof makes it quite easy to identify if there are any issues with the roof whether minor or major.

Also, as far as roof cleaning is concerned, safety is the number one priority. For this reason, an Orlando roofer should be considered to do such a high-risk task. With that said, here are more ways that roof cleaning can extend the life of your roof:
• Dark stains could be algal growth or even moss or lichens. These organisms can significantly reduce how effectively the roof functions. They can also cause damage to shingles over time.
• The growth of algae, moss, and lichens can cause the roof to trap heat. This excess heat can eventually lead to roof damage by causing shingles to lift and making it easier for water to pool.
An Orlando roofer has the right roof cleaning equipment and products, the necessary safety gear, and the proper insurance. All these things help to ensure that the roof cleaning job is done right, safely, and professionally. In order to protect the shingles, non-pressurized washing is done. The technique is as important as the equipment and products used.