Orlando tile roofing

A leaky roof is disastrous to the entire structure. It causes water and cold to leak in, and heat to leak out. Both of these scenarios will cost you money. After deciding it is time for the old roofing to go, you have to think about the replacement options. A tile roof is one of the best choices in residential roofing. They are durable, long lasting and don’t require as much maintenance as other roofing materials. Here are some other great reasons to choose tile roofing for your Orlando roofers to install.

Cost Effective & Aesthetically Pleasing:

Quality tile roofing is not cheap, and the installation calls for high-level skills and craftsmanship. Does this mean you shouldn’t pick it? No. While tile is not the most expensive option, it is definitely not the cheapest. The cost of your new tile roof will depend on the type of tile you go with. Clay tiles are a great choice for homeowners looking for a low maintenance, decently priced, aesthetically pleasing roofing material.

Installation Speed:

Depending on who is handling the project, it can take a single day to complete the job. However, this will be affected by the size of the house. The bigger it is, the more time needed in roofing. Either way, you will have a solid roof structure in record speed.

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Tile roofs last between 35- 50 years. This holds only if the quality is up to standard, and the installation was done professionally. Unless you get a fraud to do the job, you can forget about roofing issues for 5 decades or more. Not only will this give you peace of mind but also be a blessing to your children and grandchildren should you leave the house to them.


Many tile shingles consist of recycled materials. You can also recycle the material after the structure has outlived its span. Slate is one of the longest lasting types of tile roofs you can purchase. Although mining slate and transporting it can be an energy-intensive process, you may be able to find recycled slate in your area. Additionally, slate will last longer than traditional asphalt or clay tiles.

Safety & Durability:

Among the roofing options available, tile roofs have a high safety rating in the event of a fire. They are also resistant to algae growth, insects, and mold. Since hurricanes can be a huge issue in Florida, tile roofs can be a great choice. They offer more resistance to hurricane force winds than other shingle alternatives. It’s design provides high air permeability, which helps relieve the stress caused by high winds. Clay and tile roofs have been shown to withstand wind speeds of over 125 mph.


The outcome you desire regarding the roof replacement or repair will determine your choice. The roof should match your home’s architectural style. Many people find the look of tile roofs to be very aesthetically pleasing. Flat tiles are becoming highly popular in the southwest and in Florida. Tile roofing can be used to create an appealing French or British look.


While all roofs will require some form of maintenance, clay and slate tiles, under normal conditions only require minimum upkeep. Semi-annual inspections should be scheduled in order to catch any problems before they occur. Additionally, cleaning your tile roof at least once per year will help extend its life and also ensure it stays beautiful.
Choosing the material for your new roof isn’t an easy process, but we are here to help! If you are unsure if tile roofing is right for you, give our roofing professionals a call today.