If you’ve found a shingle lying on the ground or discovered a leak in a bedroom, you’re probably wondering whether you should be fixing your roof or replacing it entirely. The answer to this question can be difficult to pinpoint as it’s different in all situations.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to decide once you know the signs that point to each option. To help make the decision easier for you, we’ve compiled a list that should make it clear whether your roof needs a repair or a replacement. 

Roof Repair

Roofing repair tends to be the favored method of remedying roof problems. This is because it’s cheaper, easier, and less of a hassle. However, roof repairs can’t remedy all problems and sometimes a roof will need to be replaced, regardless of how much one wishes it could be fixed with a basic repair.

If you’re encountering problems such as torn or damaged shingles, which can result from strong wind or fallen trees, the good news is that repair is likely the best option. You can easily remove the affected shingle and replace it with a new one. 

It’s important to keep in mind though, that not all shingles look the same and sometimes your replacements will look different than the existing ones. This can be a downside if you’re looking to sell your home in the near future.

When Are Repairs A Good Option?

In addition to when you have problems with shingles, roof repairs can be a good option when the issue involves:

  • Holes
  • Punctures
  • Splitting
  • Shrinking
  • Bad installation
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Chimney leaks
  • Mistakes from air gun nailing 

Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof is a big step. It requires a lot of man power and can quickly add up in terms of cost. It is, unfortunately, necessary when repairs are no longer a viable, sensible option.

To have a roof replaced, home owners spend almost double what they would for roof repairs but they also benefit from the assurance that all areas of their roof will match seamlessly. 

In addition, roof replacement is less common than needing repairs and is most likely to happen as a result of extreme weather conditions,age, and faulty materials. 

When Is A Replacement A Good Option?

Roof replacements are the best options when:

  • Your roof is failing due to the use of poor materials or installation
  • You house has been hit with extreme weather (tsunamis, earthquakes etc)
  • Your roof has been serving your home for a long time

Questions To Ask Yourself

When you’re deciding whether you need a repair or a replacement, consider asking yourself the following questions.

What’s My Budget?

Your budget is the key factor here. Without a large enough budget, you might not be able to get the replacement you need. If it’s generous enough though, you can basically choose which option feels right to you and, in this case, you’ll want to take some extra time to make a careful decision. 

How Long Will I Continue Living In My Home?

You might not realize it now, but when it comes to selling your home, your roof can be a big factor. With a roof that has been left patchy from repairs or is breaking down and in need of TLC, it can be hard to find a buyer. 

This might not be a problem in the short term but can quickly cause problems should you decide to move out. So if you need work done and are planning to move or are considering the idea, you may want to opt for a new roof instead of a repair just to be safe. 

What Do I Need Done?

It’s important to be honest with yourself when you’re taking an inventory of what your roof needs done to it. Ignoring a host of problems to avoid having to do a roof replacement will not do you any good in the long run.

Next time you’re in the market for some roof maintenance, be sure to avoid cutting corners. Do the repairs you need and, if necessary, fork out the money for the replacement. When deciding which option is best, don’t forget to consider your budget, your problems, and the future you see with your home.