Every season in the year brings with it unique hazards and challenges for Orlando roofers, and spring can be the most tricky of them to be prepared for. Chances are, if your roof had small issues before winter, that your roof is probably a little worse for wear going into this next season. Water, temperature changes, and ice can wreak havoc on all types of roofing. So if you’re in the mindset of roof repair this season, be sure to look for some key issues before acting.

Gutters are an important part of every roof, and after a season of falling debris, they can easily be the most damaged part of the roof. When the role of a gutter is to funnel water and other small particles away from the house, it’s imperative that there is nothing to impede this. Leaves, pine needles, shingle pieces, and anything else you could imagine might actually be stopping the flow of water from your roof. A visual inspection of gutters should always be conducted after winter passes, and after any major storms. If you’re seeing drainage issues or large pooling water around your house, then there may be a blockage or break in your gutter system.

A common problem in Florida during spring seasons is heat exchange. If there are particles and debris on your roof, they may be effecting ventilation or insulation. As a result, your attic will retain heat, and there won’t be any escape for it, thus making your home less energy efficient. A thorough inspection by a professional will tell you whether or not there is a threat to your home’s energy efficiency.

With every roof there are issues, but a professional Orlando roofer like those at Roof Top Services will be able to help you solve any problem that you may have. So this spring, don’t let the hazards of previous seasons trip you up, and call today to have an inspection done by a professional.

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