Squirrels just like any other rodent can cause damage to your roof. They like to gain entry to your nice warm attic to store food and build nests for their young. They will push through soffits, chew around vent pipes, and eat through attic vents. Don’t forget that they like chimneys in the summer and when you open the draft for the first time in the winter you might get a surprise visitor dropping in. What should you do if you have a squirrel damaging your roof?

Call a wildlife removal expert first: Let them come trap the squirrels and remove them from the area. You can try and close up the hole they made, but you are just going to end up with an angry squirrel on your hands. If they are inside when you do this, they are going to look for a new way out causing more damage and they could end up in your living space. If they don’t find their way out they can die inside your home somewhere which you may not smell for a couple of week, but when you finally catch the whiff, good luck finding them, if they can’t get out, odds are you will have a hard time getting in. If they are outside when you close up the hole they will make a new one to get back to their home.

Once you have the little critters in their new home, somewhere far away, you can then have the necessary repairs to the damage made. A qualified roofer can give you an estimate on the repairs needed for your roof