A roof replacement, or even a simple repair can be a costly task. It’s important that the company you choose to inspect your roof for damages is honest, and will give you the real status of your roof, and not try to force a sale onto you. There’s a saying that there is never a perfect roof, an inspector can always find something wrong that he can make a profit off of.


-Is the company reputable and well known for quality work and affordability?
-Do you feel your inspection was done honestly?
-Have you looked at their past work and do you like it?
-Do they present themselves professionally?
-Did they provide you with all pertinent licenses and certifications?
-Will they work under your insurance coverage?

You need to be sure that the roofing company that you choose in knowledgeable. It’s also important that you are sure that they do not 0skip any steps, this is why it is important to know a little something about roofing before you even think about calling a contractor.


-Rafters: These are the sections of supporting material that hold the sheathing
-Sheathing: Often times these are boards or sheet material attached to the roof rafters
-Roof Cover: Shingles, slate, tile, metal, etc. This is what you see on a finished roof
-Flashing: This goes on any joints to help keep out unwanted water

More homework will need to be done before you know enough about roofs to have an intelligent conversation with your roofer. A new roof or roof repair can get expensive, so it makes sense to take care in choosing the right contractor and roof inspector.