Rain gutters that surround a roof can sometimes be havens for all sorts of debris. Leaves, granules from roof shingles, bits of broken branches, and even small animals are common inhabitants of gutters.

However, it is very important that rain gutters are kept clean so that water on the roof can be carried away from the roof and away from the foundation of the house. Clean gutters certainly help to prevent water from pooling on and around the roof thus preventing roof decay. Cleaning rain gutters at least in the spring and again in the fall is good preventative maintenance. Here are some gutter cleaning tips:

• The first priority is safety. Ensure that you use a ladder of the right length and that you and the ladder are properly tied off.
• Wear a good pair of gloves to remove the debris from the gutters. Attach a container (garbage bag or pail) to the ladder in which to put the debris and empty it as often as necessary.
• When all the debris have been removed, wash the gutters to ensure that small debris are removed, there are no leaks, and also that there are no clogs in the gutter system.

If for any reason you are afraid of heights or find gutter cleaning a daunting task; call on the professional services of an Orlando roofer. An Orlando roofer can clean your rain gutters quickly and safely while at the same time identify any other issues with the roof that you might need to take note of.