Choose the Right Roofer the First Time, Choose an FRSA Certified Roofer

Choosing the right roofer is a vital step in fixing and installing your roof. Our roofs are sologo1 important it is little wonder professionals recommend using only approved roof inspectors and cleaners, and the consequences of choosing the wrong roofer, when roofing scams leave consumers high and dry and Florida hurricanes are an ever present possibility six months of the year, are so dire, how could you think of hiring any roofer that you don’t have compete confidence in?

The answer is simple: you can’t. If you’re looking to put a new roof on your house or repair damage left after the hurricane season, Choose an FRSA certified roofer.

The Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association (FRSA) is a professional organization of roofing, sheet metal, and air conditioning contractors and industries. Representing Registered Roofing Contractors, Certified Roofing Contractors, as well as the manufacturers producing roofing materials, the FRSA represents everything you want in a roofer. Established in 1922, the FRSA’s mission is to “foster and encourage a high standard of business ethics” in the roofing industry. Contractors working under the FRSA’s Customer Assurance Program Seals certify their companies conform to all licensing regulations, hold valid worker’s compensation and liability insurance, and subscribe to a code of ethics. Every FRSA member is guaranteed to have their license through the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board, but they’re also guaranteed to hold to a code of ethics that goes above and beyond.

For me, nothing says more for the FRSA as an organization or for their members than their determination to act as a watchdog for consumers. Their commitment is posted on their website, where they list the questions every consumer needs to ask when hiring a roofer:

1) Are you a member of a professional roofing organization such as the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association (FRSA)?

2) Do you have a permanent place of business and for how long?

3) Are you properly licensed and insured according to the Florida licensing requirements? Please provide your license number.

4) May I see copies of your certificates of insurance for workers’ compensation and contractor liability insurance?

5) Can you provide me with a list of client references that I may contact?

6) Do you guarantee your work, and what type of written warranties will you provide?

7) Will I receive a written proposal with a complete description of the work and specifications, such as estimated starting and completion dates?

8) Will my property remain relatively clean and orderly during the project?

9) Who will be the on-site person in charge on a day-to-day basis?

You can also find important manufacturer and contractor warranty information on their website.

FRSA’s dedication to consumer education is only surpassed by their commitment to research and education for their members. This commitment is born out of the active involvement of their members, where “a number of standing and special committees work on various programs and projects while constantly developing or assessing new ones,” and demonstrated by the FRSA Educational and Research Foundation. They truly believe the only way to improve the quality of their industry is through research and education, for which they provide their members with a number of benefits that are professionally invaluable and also excellent for consumers:

—Access to a staff member for all codes and technical questions.

—“As it happens” knowledge of upcoming codes and legislative changes.

—Professional certification programs and quality education programs.

—Access to the FRSA library which houses instructional manuals covering basic and advanced roofing as well as safety.

—Florida Roofing Magazine.

The FRSA is also a charter member of the Florida Construction Coalition and maintains excellent communication with national organizations like the National Roofing Contractors Association as well as a host of other local and national professional organizations.

It is hard to believe that anyone would choose a non-FRSA member to work on their roof with all of this backing them up.